from The Webster Weekly Times,  J. A. Spaulding, Editor, Saturday December 7, 1861 (Volume III , 39), 
Rev. Mr. Scandlinís Lecture

There was a large assemblage of citizens at Webster Hall, last Friday evening to listen to Rev. Mr. Scandlin and others, who were to speak in aid of the recruiting for the gallant Fifteenth.  Dr. F. D. Brown presided, and after appropriate remarks introduced Mr. Scandlin, who spoke for an hour in an earnest and eloquent manner, appealing to the patriotism of the citizens of Webster to respond worthily to the call which is now made upon  them.  He drew many graphic pictures of scenes and incidents  of the late fight, at which our officers and men bore themselves so bravely against such terrible odds.  The men seemed to have perfect confidence in their officers, and the officers perfect reliance on their men.

While the banners of other regiments were trailed in the dust, or destroyed, to prevent their capture, the colors of the fifteenth, given to them by the ladies of Worcester , were sacredly and safely guarded and borne unsullied from the field amid the fire of bullets, in fulfillment of the pledge made by Colonel Devens on receiving it.  He concluded by submitting the honor of the Regiment to the men of Worcester County, who sent them to the field, trusting that this would be equal to the other towns in which he had spoken, in zeal and efforts for the good cause.

At the conclusion of Mr. Scandlinís address, remarks were made by Rev. Messrs. Wood, Fisk, and Kendall. and by other gentlemen.  The effect of the meeting has been decidedly good upon our citizens.



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