from The Webster Times, 27 July 1861 (Volume III # 20), 

From Camp Lincoln, The” Slater Guards” is by far the largest company in the Twenty-First regiment, numbering ninety fine men. They are, the “color company,” and present a first-rate appearance. Webster may well be proud of what she has done and is doing in response to the county’s call.

Taking into account those who have volunteered from this town and joined other companies, we have furnished more than one hundred and twenty five men, including the Cornet Band, which we venture to affirm is more in proportion to our population than any other town in Worcester county can boast of. our efforts in the military line have been sneered at by neighboring towns, who have talked more than we have; but now, in view of results, which of the carpers can show a better record of what has been done. We are gratified to know that our boys in camp are at present wanting for nothing. there is some slight sickness, occasioned by change of diet and habits, but nothing ay all serious.


15th Massachusetts VI