From the Fitchburg Sentinel, June 28, 1861

FIFTEENTH MASSACHUSETTS. Worcester County Regiment.

From the US National Archives

This Regiment from the county, designated the fifteenth, we believe, has received orders to report at the Brook's Farm, in South Worcester, on Friday (to-day) at 3 o'clock, to Brig. Gen. Geo. H. Ward, who will take charge of the encampment until the regiment is mustered into the service of the United States. The following is a list of the companies:

1. The company in Worcester commanded by A. H. Foster.

2. Fitchburg, Capt. John W. Kimball.

3. Leominster, Capt. G. W. Rockwood.

4, Oxford, Capt. C. H. Watson.

5. Brookfield, Capt. Sardus S. Sloane.

6. Northbridge, Capt.Chase Philbrick.

7. Grafton, Capt. Walter Forehand.

8. Clinton, Capt. Henry Bowman.

9. Lancaster, Capt. T. Sherwin, Jr.

10. Dedham, Capt. Henry Onion.

Mr. Church Howe, late of the Massachusetts Sixth, has been appointed Quartermaster of the Regiment, and will immediately prepare the necessary camp equipage and commissary stores. The regiment will be fully equipped with everything necessary for active duty, including twenty-five baggage wagons, previous to their departure for the war.

The Fusiliers, under the command of Capt. J. W. Kimball, will receive an escort of honor on their departure to camp, by ex-members of this company. This is among the oldest military organizations in the State, and its ex-members are numerous here in town, and many are holding commissions in the army now in service. The company has always stood high in point of excellences of drill and soldiery bearing, and we are sure it will sustain its high reputation in service. The best wishes of their towns-men, will follow them wherever they go, and they will always rejoice with them in their future success.
(Fitchburg Sentinel, June 28, 1861. Pg. 2, Col. 4.)

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