from The Webster Times, May 4, 1861 (Volume III # 8), 

What Webster Has Done  

The citizens of this town, at a town meeting on Monday last, ( April 29, 1861 ) , voted to raise $4000 for the purpose of carrying on the war.  It was also voted to pay each volunteer  $5 a month, in addition to what the government allows, $1.50 a week to the wives of the absent, and fifty cents a week for each child under sixteen years of  age, and one dollar per day to volunteers for the time actually spent in drilling.

 A volunteer subscription was opened on the spot.  Mr. Slater has offered his hands $10 a piece if they will enlist, and a large number have accepted the offer.  A full volunteer company of infantry has been raised and inspected, and they are now under daily drill.  A cavalry company is also being filled up as may be seen by our report in another place.  About eighty volunteers for the Infantry Company offered themselves, and it is seriously talked of forming a second company, it being highly probable that its ranks would be filled immediately.

 So we go.


15th Massachusetts VI