Some time ago Mr. C. C. Coffin, army correspondent of the Boston Journal, received from an invalid lady a pair of stockings knit by her own hands with the request that they should be forwarded to "the bravest man in the battle of Ball’s Bluff." The gift was forwarded to the Colonel of the fifteenth, with the lady’s request, the result of which appears in the following note:

Poolesville, Md., Nov. 28, 1861.

Dear Sir: "I received the pair of stockings sent by a Massachusetts lady." I can hardly decide who was the bravest man in the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, but I bestowed them on Captain Philbrick, Company H., who commanded the advance guard of the Fifteenth Regiment, and told him to wear them until I found a braver man in the fight. I think they will be worn out before I do.

Yours truly, Charles Devens

15th MVI