from The Worcester Daily Spy, April 22, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 95), 



In answer to a call of the selectmen of the town, issued Saturday morning, the citizens of Grafton met in the Town Hall, in the afternoon to take into consideration the present exigencies of the county, and to take such action as might be thought necessary.  The meeting was called to order by Jonathan D. Wheeler Esq., chairman of the board of selectmen, and Chas. Brigham Esq., was chosen president of the meeting, and James N. White secretary.

Rev. Mr. Scandlin offered a fervent prayer, after which a committee,  consisting of Messrs. Esek Saunders, Wm. F. Slocum, W. D. Wheeler, J. S. Nelson, and Rev. T. C. Bisco, were appointed to report a plan of action to the meeting.  During the absence of the committee, Mr. Benjamin Smith, a soldier of the revolution, 98 years old, came forward and took a seat upon the platform, amid the deafening cheers of the largest meeting of the citizens of Grafton which has been witnessed in many years.  The meeting unanimously adopted a series of resolutions, of which the principal are as follows:

Resolved, That we, the citizens of the United States , residing in Grafton , Mass. , do pledge to our country, in this hour of trial and need, our lives and our united and cordial support, and that we will do all in our power to defend our country against the dangers that threaten its existence.

Resolved, That we will encourage the organization of a company of volunteer militia in the town of Grafton , to be equipped, drilled, and ready for service at their country’s call; and that it is incumbent on us to see that the families of those who may be called into service are supplied during their absence.

Resolved, that we recommend the holding of a legal town meeting as soon as may be, and that it is the sense of the meeting that the town should appropriate the sum of four thousand dollars, or so much as may be needed to defray the expenses of organizing such company of volunteer militia, and to render such aid to the families of those who enlist as may be needed.

Resolved, That a committee of seven now be raised to procure the enlistment and charter of such company of volunteer militia.

The committee contemplated by the last resolution was immediately chosen, consisting of Messrs. R. E. Warren, Esek Saunders, Alfred Morse, C. M. Pratt, M. D. Wheeler, L. M. Sargent, and Wm. F. Slocum. Eloquent and spirited addresses were made by the president, Rev. Messrs Biscoe, Scandlin, Chick, Miller, and Rockwood, and Messrs. Slocum, Sargent, and several others.

The selectmen have issued their warrant for a legal town meeting on the 29th inst.  The committee to raise the company of volunteers are at work, and quite a number signed the paper before leaving the hall.  a large company from New England village, commanded by L. M. Sargent, with music and a cannon, were present and gave interest to the meeting.

                                                                    West Boylston

In response to the call of the impromptu meeting held in Oakdale on Thursday evening last, the citizens assembled in Thomas Hall on Friday evening, April 19th, and at an early hour the hall was crammed to its utmost capacity, while a large number were unable to obtain entrance.  The meeting was organized by Dr.  George W. Warren as chairman, and H. Houghton as secretary.

The utmost enthusiasm, patriotism, and determination to support the administration and laws was manifested.  Stirring and patriotic addresses were made by Gen. E. M. Hosmer, Rev. Mr. Willis, Dr. G. W. Warren, Messrs Nahum Hastings, Francis Plunkett, and others, all in one strain of eloquent and fervent devotion to duty and their country’s cause.  The following resolutions were passed without a dissenting voice:

Resolved, That the town will compensate the members of a volunteer military company, which may be formed in this town, by paying them one half dollar for each day’s service spent in elementary drill for the space of sixty days.

Resolved,  That the town will raise and appropriate if it be called-------------------military.

Resolved  That the town pledge itself to each one who may enlist and be called into active service, to care for and support their families while they are away; and that a committee of sixteen, two from each school district, be appointed to carry this resolution into effect.  The selectmen were made a central committee, to select and appoint the above committee.

The selectmen were then directed to call a legal meeting to carry the above resolutions into effect.  The people of the town have thrown to the breeze three American flags in different parts of the town, with their full compliment of stars, which they are prepared to defend with their money, and lives, if need be.


A meeting of the citizens of Oxford was held last Friday evening, to consider their duty in defense of their country.  The meeting though was called upon a short notice, was large and enthusiastic.  Col. Alexander DeWitt presided, and made an eloquent and patriotic speech.  Spirited addresses were also made  by Messrs. Johnson, Brown, Bartholomew, Torrey, and others

Resolutions were adopted, in pursuance of which a committee of five was chosen, consisting of Col. Alexander DeWitt, Dr. S. C. Paine, Emory E. Harwood, Wm. E. Pease, and Nelson Bartholomew, to attend to the immediate organization, if possible, of a volunteer company. A large flag was raised in the afternoon, amid cheers for the union, and a soul stirring music from the Oxford Cornet Band, who volunteered their services.  Oxford will endeavor to do her duty.


The citizens of Warren assembled in large numbers at Union Hall, last Friday night, and organized by choosing E. E. Towne chairman and J. S. Davis secretary.  Dr. Cutler, chairman of a committee on resolutions, reported a series, which were unanimously adopted, declaring that they wanted to sustain the government by men, money, and munitions of defense  to the utmost extent of their ability, and urging the young, the middle aged, and the old to volunteer to serve, whenever needed; calling upon men of wealth to remember the common government in this hour of trial, and declaring that the general government to counteract the rebel piratical privateering of the south, should proclaim the emancipation of the slaves through all the states that secede.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Calvin Cutter, Rev. Daniel Sherman, Rev. Hiram Satchwell, and Messrs. Norcross, J. S. Davis, R. Baker, Wm. Ward, L. Brown, and Geo. Keyes.  Mr.  E. E. Towne was designated to open a recruiting office for a volunteer armed company.  The meeting also recommend to the selectmen to call a town meeting to raise all needed means to sustain a volunteer company to be placed at the disposal of the government.



15th Massachusetts VI