from The Webster Times, 3 Aug 1861 (Volume III # 21), contributed by Mike Branniff
For the Times

Camp Lincoln,
Worcester, Aug. 1, ‘61
Mr Editor. Perhaps our friends would like to now how we are here in camp. The boys are all well with the exception of two or three. We are the recipients of many favors; yesterday, Gen. Day, of Worcester, (formerly of Webster) presented our company with a tub of wheat bread sandwiches and a jar of pickles, which were thankfully received. 

We are daily in receipt of numerous gifts from home, in the shape of handkerchiefs, havelocks, towels, and various other articles for which we are very grateful, and have remarked among ourselves that when called into active service we will do our duty for our country with as good a will as our friends at home do for us. 

You may be interested to know what our daily duties are: Reveille at 5 o’clock a.m. Company drill from 6 to 7, breakfast at 7, Dress parade at 8, Guard mounting, immediately after, Battalion drill from 10 ˝ to 11 ˝, Dinner at 12, Company Drill from 1 to 5 ˝ p. m. retreat at 6, Tattoo at 9. In haste
G. W. L. of Slater Guards


15th Massachusetts VI