from The Worcester Daily Spy, December 10, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 290),

Relief for the Troops

The Worcester Relief Committee have received at their rooms since the 13th the following articles:

From the Ladies of Rutland, 1 box, containing 2 hospital quilts, 5 towels, 1 pair pillow cases, 22 pairs woolen socks:  from East Brookfield, 1 box, containing 6 bed quilts,, 1 coverlet, 1 blanket, 5 pairs sheets, 4 pairs pillow cases, 1 pillow, 8 towels, 7 shirts, 1 bag lint, bundles of flannel, linen, cotton and bandages, also fruit, dried apples and berries;  from the Ladies Benevolent Society, Princeton, I box containing 27 pairs socks, 8 flannel shirts, 10 cotton bed shirts, 2 pairs sheets, 1 pair pillow slips, 1 quilt, 1 spread, 3 blankets, 1 pair mittens, 210 copies of Littelle’s Living Age, 30 of Putnam’s Monthly, 45 of Harper’s Monthly, and $9 in money, which last deserves especial mention as it is the first contribution of money received by the committee unsolicited.

From the Ladies of Hubbardston, 1 box, containing 9 blankets, 10 bed quilts, 14 sheets, 11 pillows, 5 pair stockings, 5 towels, and rolls of bandages, 36 magazines and 1 book.

From the Unitarian Society, Hubbardston, 8 pair socks, :  from Ladies of East Princeton, 16 pairs of stockings, and 4 pairs mittens knit by them from yarn furnished from Worcester; from a Lady in Sutton, 2 pairs socks and 1 box lint; from a lady in  Auburn 10 towels, rolls of old cloth; from a Lady in Brookfield, 1 pair socks; from a Lady in Tatnuck, 2 blankets; from a Lady in Boylston, 1 quilt.

Ladies of Grafton, 5 pairs mittens, from the First Baptist Society of Worcester, one pair of mittens, from the Young Ladies Benevolent Society of the Central Church, 5 flannel shirts,; from the New Worcester grammar school, 1 quilt, 3 pairs pillow cases, and 19 towels; from the Church of the Unity, 4 flannel shirts, 1 pair slippers,; from the Oread, 13 pairs made mittens; from a Lady, 2 pairs mittens and 2 comforters; from the Third Baptist Society, Worcester, 3 comforters, 2 quilts, 12 sheets, 9 pillow cases, 7 pairs mittens, 14 pairs stockings, 4 blankets, 6 flannel shirts, 6 old shirts, 6 pairs flannel drawers,, 1 pillow, 1 towel, magazines, bandages and old linen;  from a Lady in New Worcester, 1 pair mittens, 1 pair socks; from the Old South Sewing Circle, 29 pairs socks,; from a lady in Worcester, 1 blanket, 1 chair cushion; from the girls at Miss Albee’s school, 2 pairs mittens; from a Lady in Worcester, 2 pairs mittens; from a lady in Worcester, 1 shirt and 1 bed tick; from the New Worcester Sewing Circle, 8 pairs mittens, 1 pair socks; from various ladies and misses in Worcester, 24 pairs socks and 40 pairs mittens

Nov 16th the committee forwarded 2 boxes, stores to Missouri .  Box No. 1 contained 9 blankets, 11 comforters,, 3 quilts, 2 woolen quilts, 3 pillows, 3 pillow ticks, 1 bed tick, 2 pair sheets, farina and dried berries.  Box No. 2 contained 10 new long cotton shirts, 9 short new cotton shirts, 8 bleached shirts, 3 pairs of bleached and 12 pairs unbleached cotton drawers, 19 flannel shirts, 20 crash towels, 12 handkerchiefs, 50 pairs woolen socks, 12 pairs sewed mittens, 2 blankets, 2 pairs pillow cases, and 12 books, also, one box to the twentieth regiment, at Annapolis, from the ladies of Millbury, containing 2 quilts, 9 comforters, 9 sheets, 20 pillow cases, 4 pillow ticks, 8 shirts, 20 towels, 4 pair socks, 1 pair slippers, 4 handkerchief, 1 box pins, needles, thread and stationary, old sheets, old linen and cotton bandages and newspapers and tracts.

Capt. Caspar Crowninshield, acting major of the twentieth regiment M. V., acknowledging the receipt of the box, says. “both the officers and men of the twentieth are fully sensible of the kindness which prompted the Ladies of Millbury to send things which have contributed greatly to the comfort of the sick and wounded of this regiment.”  The committee takes this method to assure the Ladies of Millbury that their contribution was received and appropriated.  Nov. 22 forwarded by Miss Barton of Washington, a large number of packages from individuals to their friends in different regiments in the vicinity of Washington; Nov. 29th, forwarded to the fifteenth regiment at Poolesville, three dozen pairs socks, 1 bedspread, 250 pair mittens, knit from yarn contributed by the clerks of the dry goods stores, Worcester; also a number of packages from individuals to friends in the regiment.

Nov. 30, forwarded to Louisville , Ky. 1 box containing 8 quilts, 2 comforters, 6 white 5 plaid and two grey blankets, 8 pillows, 22 pillow cases, 6 pairs flannel drawers, 19 flannel shirts, 72 pairs socks, 24 sheets, 10 new hospital shirts,  13 towels, 6 old shirts, lint bandages, and old linen; Harper’s and Putnam’s Magazines.

Also forwarded to St. Louis Missouri Dec. 6th, two boxes,  Box No. 1 containing 15 bed quilts, 4 comforts, 1 blanket, 1 tick,  2 pillows, 24 pairs stockings, tracts.  Box No. 2 6 white blankets, 3 colored blankets, 11 quilts and comforters, 13 pillows, 11 pairs sheets, 10 pairs pillow cases,  13 towels, 3 cotton shirts, 2 Canton flannel shirts,  1 pair Canton flannel drawers, 30 pairs of stockings 7 pairs mittens,  cotton and linen pieces, books, numbers of Littels Living Age.

It will be seen by this and former published lists, that the Ladies of Worcester and adjacent towns have  contributed very generously, as well as very promptly, to the army and hospitals, and thus the committee have been able to send forward large quantities of supplies.  To do this money has been needed only to meet the expenses of transportation, which, at even the reduced, are no inconsiderable sums.  To obtain the necessary funds, the committee have solicited and have met with a willing liberality in those on whom they have called.

They are happy to acknowledge the receipt from the gentlemen who hold in trust the Soldiers Relief Fund.  But to enable the community to send forward supplies from time to time, as they receive them, money is still needed, and they take this method to call public attention to the subject, not doubting that all are willing, nay wish to aid in this enterprise, which looks only to the comfort of those who for a time are deprived of the comforts of home.

Any person willing to aid the committee in this common cause will do so by leaving contributions of money at the Employment Rooms, 100 Main street , where there is a box for that purpose, or with Mrs. William Dickinson, 118 Main street , treasurer of the committee.

                                                                                                              PER ORDER

from The Worcester Daily Spy, December 13, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 293), 
Millbury.  Help for Soldiers.  The young people of Millbury gave an entertainment consisting of farces, music, &c., at the Town Hall, last Thursday evening for the benefit of the noble fifteenth regiment M. V.  The hall was crowded, and between thirty and forty dollars were realized from the entertainment, which was so satisfactory as to call for its repetition this (Friday) evening, with variations…….
from The Worcester Daily Spy, December 23, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 310), 

City and County
Worcester Soldier’s Relief Committee

Since November 29th, the Worcester Soldier’s Relief Committee have received the following contributions:

From the Ladies of the First Baptist Society of Grafton, 1 box, containing 11 quilts and comforters, 9 pillows, 9 pairs sheets, 5 pairs pillow cases,  1 blanket, 4 towels, 1 shirt, rolls of cotton and linen.

From the Ladies of Hubbardston 1 box, containing 5 bed quilts, 2 blankets, 2 sheets, 2 pair stockings, 1 gallon cherry wine, tracts.

From the Ladies of East Princeton, 7 pair of socks.

From the Ladies of Princeton, 5 pair socks, 1 pair mittens.

From four Ladies of Princeton, 2 blankets, 1 housewife, 1 pair stocking, 1 pair slippers.

From East Douglas , 21 pair mittens.

From a Lady of Oxford, 1 pair socks.

From Patriotic Society of West Boylston, 4 woolen quilts, 13 comforters, 8 pair socks, 4 pairs knit mittens, 1 pair waterproof mittens, 1 shirt, 1 pair drawers, 2 towels, 2 handkerchiefs.

From Ladies of Saundersville, 2 barrels; barrel No. 1 containing 9 comforters, 10 pairs socks, 4 sheets, 3 shirts, 1 pair pillow cases, 1 husk pillow with case, 3 feather pillows with cases, 1 hospital shirt, 1 linen towel; barrel No. 2 containing 6 comforters, 2 pairs hospital drawers, 3 hospital shirts, 1 sheet, 1 pair pillow cases, 2 feather pillows with cases, 1 husk pillow with case, 3 pairs socks, 2 shirts, 4 rolls pieces, 2 rolls bandage.

From North Oxford , 9 pairs socks, 2 pillows, 2 old sheets.

From Rutland , 14 pairs mittens.

From Third Baptist Society, Worcester, 1 pair blankets.

From Second Baptist Society, Worcester , 8 pairs mittens, 5 pairs socks.

From Sewing Circle of Union Church, Worcester .  6 bed quilts, 2 pillows, 16 sheets, 9 pairs pillow cases, 11 birdseye towels, 12 crash towels, 12 hospital shirts,  12 pairs hospital drawers, 6 pairs canton flannel drawers, 16 pairs socks, 9 pairs slippers, 6 dressing gowns, 4 shirts, 1 box bandages, 1 box lint, 6 needle books, pin cushions, 2 bottles wine, 1 bottle jelly.

From the Ladies Sewing Circle of Laurel street church, 3 dozen crash towels, 17 white linen towels, 1 dozen linen handkerchiefs, 6 colored handkerchiefs, 12 comforters,  9 pairs of drawers, 3 pairs of slippers, 1 dozen shirts, 2 sheets, rolls of linen and cotton, 7 ½ dozen bandages of lint,  2 lbs. of castile soap,

From the Ladies of the First Baptist Society, 11 pairs of socks.

From Ladies Benevolent Society of Rev. Dr. Hill’s Church, 42 sheets, 48 pillow cases, 11 towels, 2 blankets, 11 pairs of mittens, 5 pillows, 1 comforter, 26 shirts, 39 pair stockings, linen and cotton bandages, lint.

From Soldiers Relief Society of Park Street Church, 16 pairs mittens.

From Ladies of Union Church, 12 pair socks, 11 pairs slippers, 6 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 6 abdominal bandages.

From Ladies of Worcester, 15 pairs socks, 2 blankets, 10 pairs mittens, 2 quilts, 1 pair slippers, 1 comforter.

From a Lady of Auburn,  2 towels, iron hooping from Messrs. Pratt & Loring; from Mr. Bemis pieces of Kid.

The committee forwarded to Annapolis :

Dec. 10th, 62 pairs mittens for the twenty-fifth regiment.

Dec. 14th, 1 barrel and 1 box from West Boylston for the twenty-fifth regiment; 1 box from Dudley containing quilts for the twenty-fifth regiment; 1 box from Soldiers Relief Committee, containing 3 colored blankets, 3 white blankets, 7 comforters, 1 woolen quilt, and a number of parcels for privates in the twenty-first and twenty-fifth regiments.

Dec. 18th, 200 pairs of mittens, and a number of parcels to be forwarded early in the week to St. Louis and Louisville .

The above list shows that the women of Worcester and vicinity work earnestly and give freely; and that they may feel sure they are not laboring in vain., we will quote from a letter, dated Dec. 11, received a few days since from Rev. Dr. W. G. Eliot, of the sanitary commission in St. Louis , Mo.   He says: “The boxes and barrels arrived in good order a few days ago, and the contents are in full use.  We are having a hard time here, and a heavy burden to bear; but the New England women are a source of great aid and comfort.”  The committee have also received a letter dated Dec. 13, from Rev. J. H. Heywood, formerly of this city, but now of Louisville, acknowledging the receipt of a box of hospital supplies, in which he says:  “I thank you with all my heart for the generous and timely contributions made by the Worcester ladies.”

“The box came in due season, and the articles were most welcome.  My native town, always very dear, becomes dearer still, because of this new and touching proof of the readiness of its inhabitants to contribute freely of time and means to promote the cause of humanity.  We have a large number of sick soldiers here now, and the number constantly increases.  The Union ladies of our city are working very hard, and the ladies of Cleveland, Ohio, and many other places, are assisting generously, but with the efforts of all we are still deficient in hospital shirts, drawers, socks, sheets, & ect.  If as you kindly intimate, the Worcester ladies, in addition to what they have already done for the hospitals in St. Louis, here, and elsewhere, can help supply the deficiency, any contribution will be gratefully received.”

 The same letter brought an urgent appeal from the Sanitary Commission of St. Louis, stating that there are now in the military hospitals of St. Louis not less than 2500 sick, and at least 1500 in the various post hospitals on the lines of the railroads in Missouri .  They call for warm garments of every kind for hospital use and for the convalescent: warm unbleached cotton shirts, flannel and canton flannel undershirts, and drawers, socks, blankets, comforters, and other kinds of hospital stores and clothing.

 We call attention to the fact that a box is to be sent from the rooms of the committee on Wednesday next, for the prisoners at Richmond .  The committee have been informed there are about two hundred prisoners from the fifteenth regiment at Richmond , who are in need of quilts, blankets, flannel under garments, and, indeed, warm clothing of all kinds.

 We are also requested to state that a box of blankets, of which many members of the twenty-fifth regiment stand greatly in need, will be made up at the office of Wm. S. Denny, and blankets left there  any time during this week will be forwarded.  They can be directed to individuals, or be there distributed to the most needy.  The expense of forwarding them in this way will not probably exceed ten cents each, and it is suggested that each contributor could easily deposit this small amount with the blanket, rather than to tax the soldiers.  Col. Upton has promised that extra articles of this kind, for the soldiers’ comfort, shall be taken along with the regiment, at all events.

from The Worcester Daily Spy, January 3, 1862 , (Volume 17 #3), 

City and County
Worcester Soldiers Relief Committee

 The Soldiers Relief Committee acknowledged the following contributions received since December 21st:

From Ladies of Holden,  6 woolen blankets, 1 comforter, 6 feather pillows, 7 pillows for hospital use, 6 old sheets, 6 old pillow cases,  17 shirts, 2 cotton towels,  4 handkerchiefs, 1 bundle pieces cotton and linen, 54 rolls bandages, 1 bundle lint, 10 pairs socks, 1 pair slippers.

From Ladies of Unitarian Society of Hubbardston, 4 pairs socks, 13 pairs  mittens.

From a Lady of West Boylston,  1 pair socks.

From a Lady of Auburn,  1 comforter, 2 pair socks.

From a Lady of Millbury,  1 vest.

From Young Ladies Social and Benevolent Society of First Baptist Church,   12 pairs slippers, 2 pairs socks, 2 pairs mittens, 6 pairs drawers, 3 shirts, 1 pair sheets, 6 pairs pillow cases,  10 rolls bandages, 1 bundle pieces of cotton and linen  2 bundles splints,  30 ring pads, 32 pin balls, , 2 comforters, 2 bed quilts.

From the Ladies of the Catholic Churches of Worcester,  2 boxes; 1 box containing 19 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 28 shirts, 10 pairs sheets, 20 pair pillow cases,  15 towels, 12 comforters, 2 blankets, 1200 yards bandages, 1 box lint,  bundles of cotton and linen pieces, 3 pairs slippers; 2d box containing 44 pairs mittens, 28 pair socks, 3 pairs flannel drawers, 1 flannel shirt, 3 woolen mufflers. Donations of Ladies of Worcester,  2 comforters, 7 pairs socks, 4 pairs mittens, feather pillows, linen pieces.

Dec. 25 forwarded from the Employment Room to members of the fifteenth regiment, now prisoners at Richmond, Va., 8 boxes, 3 of which were packed by the Soldiers Relief Committee, containing packages from friends of the prisoners; also, 13 blankets, 6 quilts, 10 shirts, 25 pair socks, 10 handkerchiefs, 30 bags sewing materials, contributed by committee, together with donations of clothing, chequer boards, combs, stationary, towels, soap, handkerchiefs from different individuals; 1 box from lunatic hospital; containing 65 pairs of mittens, 43 woolen shirts, 56 pair drawers; 1 box from Leominster; 1 box from New Worcester; 2 boxes from individuals.

Dec. 26,  forwarded to St. Louis Missouri, 2 boxes, and 2 barrels: 1 box packed by committee containing 2 dozen new sheets, 1 dozen old sheets, 2 dozen new pillow cases, 1 dozen old pillow cases,  4 comforters, 5 pillows, 11 towels, 54 pairs socks, 6 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 6 bandages, 6 pairs slippers, 2 dozen hospital shirts, pieces of flannel and linen, lint, 2 gallons cherry wine; 1 box containing 6 bedquilts, 2 pillows, 13 sheets, 3 old sheets, 9 pairs pillow cases, 23 towels, 12 hospital shirts, 12 pairs hospital drawers, 6 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 16 pairs socks, 9 pairs slippers, 6 dressing gowns, 4 old shirts, bandages, lint,; 1 barrel containing 9 comforters, 10 pairs socks, 4 sheets, 3 shirts, 1 pair pillow cases, 1 husk pillow, 3 feather pillows with cases, 1 hospital shirt, 1 towel, 2d barrel containing 6 comforters, 2 pairs drawers,, 3 hospital shirts, 1 sheet, 1 pair pillow cases, 2 pairs shirts, 2 feather pillows, 1 husk pillow with case, 3 pairs socks, bandages, old pieces.

Dec. 26. forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky, 2 boxes; box No. 1 containing 3 dozen crash towels, 17 linen towels, 1 dozen linen handkerchiefs, 6 colored handkerchiefs, 12 comforters, 6 pair drawers, 3 pairs slippers, 1 dozen shirts, 2 old shirts, rolls of linen and cotton, 7 dozen bandages, 2 pounds castile soap: 2d box containing 4 quilts, 13 comforters, 8 pairs leeting,? 5 pair mittens, 1 shirt, 1 pair drawers,, 2 towels, 2 handkerchiefs.

Jan. 2.  forwarded to Capt. O’Neil, company E, 25th regiment, Annapolis, 1 box containing 44 pairs mittens, 28 pairs socks, 3 pairs flannel drawers, 1 flannel shirt, 3 woolen mufflers.

The committee have received during the last three months from individuals in this city, $69.71; from soldiers relief fund, $63 from box at Employment Room, $19.69; from ladies at Princeton , 49.00.  This money has been expended in forwarding hospital and army supplies, in purchasing blankets, yarn, towels, and handkerchiefs, and the committee could have spent more money, and yet no have answered all the demands made upon them.  No person accustomed to forwarding the express need be told that it is no small amount that will pay the transportation of all the supplies which have been forwarded by the committee.  As our fund is not an accumulative one, but is spent as fast as received, the committee will continue to call for contributions of money while the demand for supplies continues.

Since the call for mittens the committee have forwarded 873 pairs: 350 to the fifteenth regiment at Poolesville, 67 pairs to the recruits who left this city for Poolesville, 306 pairs to the twenty-fifth regiment at Annapolis, 65 pairs to the prisoners at Richmond, 24 pairs in box to the west.  Six hundred and eighty-seven pairs of these, together with nine pairs of socks, were knit from yarn furnished by the clerks of the dry goods stores of this city.  These clerks by their generous donations deserve the thanks of many a soldier whose hands are made comfortable by them while in performance of duty in these rigorous days and nights of midwinter.

from The Worcester Daily Spy, January 29,1862 , (Volume 17 # 25), 

Worcester Soldiers Relief Committee

The Soldiers Relief Committee would acknowledge the following contributions since Jan. 1 first:

From Cherry Valley ,  12 pairs mittens.

From army Aid Society, West Boylston.  4 quilts, 10 pairs socks, 4 pairs mittens, 3 towels.

From Rutland ,  5 comforters, 1 blanket.

From East Douglas,  4 quilts, 3 comforters, 8 dressing gowns, 9 cotton flannel shirts, 6 pairs drawers, 3 flannel shirts, 4 cotton shirts, 17 pairs mittens, 19 pairs socks, 2 pairs sheets, 2 pairs pillow cases, 3 towels, sage, lint, pieces of cloth.

From Ladies Reading Society. Princeton .   27 pairs mittens, 4 pair socks.

From Grafton, 1 pair socks, 1 pair mittens.

From Unitarian Society, Hubbardston.  14 flannel shirts, 2 pairs mittens.

From Saundersdale,  50 sleeping caps, 17 pairs mittens, 6 cotton shirts, 1 pillow, 1 pair socks.

From Holden. 13 quilts, 1 blanket, 2 dressing gowns, 10 pairs mocassins, 5 pairs slippers, 9 leather pillows, 4 cushions, 6 napkins, 10 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 12 cotton flannel shirts, 13 cotton sheets, 19 sheets, 10 pillow cases, 7 pairs socks, 25 rolls bandages, linen, 1 box of thread and buttons.

From Oxford. , 10 pair mittens.

From E. E. Society of the High School, 39 pairs of mittens, 9 pairs socks.

From the Oread, 7 pairs of cloth mittens.

From Ladies of the Central Church ,  25 pairs mocassins for the twenty fifth regiment.

From Ladies of Worcester,  10 pairs mittens, 15 towels, 11 pairs socks, 2 sheets, 1 pillow case,  1 comforter, bag of herbs, mutton tallow.

From Miss Nichols School,  bags of sewing materials.

The boxes in which the committee have forwarded their supplies have been furnished by Jenkins, Hamilton & Hyde.

 Forwarded to St. Louis Missouri Jan. 18, 2 boxes.  Box No. 1, containing 8 quilts, 2 blankets, 3 new cotton shirts, 16 old shirts, 2 flannel shirts, 18 pillow cases, 4 sheets, 6 pillows, 2 cushions, 50 splints, 8 pairs of slippers,  11 towels, 12 pairs mittens, 8 bottles wins, 1 bottle jelly, bandages, pieces of cloth.  Box No. 2  containing 19 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 28 shirts, 10 pairs sheets, 20 pair pillow cases, 12 comforts, 15 towels, 2 blankets, 1200 yards of bandage, 1 box lint, 3 pairs slippers, linen and cotton pieces.

 Forwarded to Miss Esther Terry, United States General Hospital , Annapolis Maryland . Jan. 28.  7 comforters, 1 blanket, 14 sheets, 14 pillow cases, 8 cotton flannel shirts, 6 pairs do drawers, 4 flannel shirts, 12 cotton shirts, 4 dressing gowns, 6 pairs socks, 17 pairs slippers, 3 pairs mocassins, 14 sleeping caps, 12 towels, 6 pillows, 6 handkerchiefs, splints, tallow ring pads, old towels, napkins, bandages, books.

 Given to recruits for the fifteenth regiment.  22 pair socks, 22 pair mittens, 14 towels.

 The committee are happy to record from time to time the generous contributions received by them for the soldiers.  They must now make an urgent appeal to the citizens of Worcester and vicinity for donations of money.  Such donations will be received by their treasurer, Mrs. William Dickenson, or can be placed in the box at the Employment Room, No. 100 Main street , Per Order.

  The committee have received a letter from Rev. Mr. Eliot of the St. Louis Commission, in which he says:

“Your renewed favors call for more than renewed thanks.  I think the kindness of the Massachusetts women will never be exhausted and our demands are not at all likely to fail.  In Missouri everything has worked against us.  A frequent change of beds, the rapid marches of troops, the exhausted condition of the country, the half hostile population have made the care of the sick difficult, and the numbers of them great.  We have provided in six months for full 10,000 men in hospitals, and have distributed over 20,000 articles, of which more than half came from Massachusetts .”

from The Worcester Daily Spy, January 31, 1862 , (Volume 17 # 27), 

The Prisoners of the Fifteenth

An extract from a letter received from Captain Studley, dated Richmond , Va. , Jan. 14th, acknowledges the receipt of his trunk and several large boxes of goods for the prisoners came also, some of them for the fifteenth, from Worcester .  He says “Tell our friends that the Massachusetts men have plenty of clothing now; and I would suggest that no more be sent at present, or until called for.  I received a check from Col. Devens for $200, to be used for the men of the fifteenth, for which they are very thankful.”

from The Worcester Daily Spy, February 25, 1862 , (Volume 17 # 48), 

Goods For The Troops

The Soldiers Relief Committee acknowledges the following contributions, received between Jan 28 and Feb. 22:

From Sutton,  12 pairs mittens.

From Rutland ,  2 pairs socks.

From Auburn ,  1 blanket taken from rebels, 1 comforter.

From Barre,  1 blanket, 8 pairs socks, 7 pairs mittens.

From Army Aid Society, Old Boylston,  5 pillows, 1 pair sheets, 5 pairs pillow cases, 3 quilts, 9 comforters, 9 pairs drawers, 20 shirts, bandages, 10 pairs socks, 10 handkerchiefs, 18 towels, 7 pairs mittens.

Ladies Benevolent Society, Boylston center,  4 pairs socks, 2 pairs mittens, 9 caps.

From a Lady of Boylston, 2 pairs slippers, 1 box lint, 1 fatigue cap.

From Ladies in Shrewsbury ,  Ravelings, lint, bandages, cotton cloth.

From Shrewsbury Knitting Club, 17 pairs soldiers socks, 9 pairs hospital socks, 36 pairs socks.

From the Schools of Cherry Valley,  8 flannel shirts, 8 pairs flannel drawers, 1 pair sheets, 1 linen towel, 1 neck comforter,  24 pairs woolen socks.

From Webster,  5 blankets, quilts, 4 pairs socks, 3 pairs mittens, 6 pairs mocassins, 2 cotton shirts, 1 dressing gown, towels,  new and old, lint, bandages, pieces,  books , tracts, papers, 2 pairs pillowcases, 1 pair sheets.

From Ladies of the Universalist Church ,  12 pairs of mittens , 1 pair socks.

From the sewing circle of the Old South church,   4 pairs socks.

From the sewing circle of All Saints church, 11 sheets 22 shirts, 7 hospital shirts, 2 pairs cotton drawers, 7 pillow cases, 3 pairs mittens, 1 pair socks, bandages.

From Park Street Church Soldiers Relief Society,  12 bed quilts, 1 blanket, 1 comforter, 20 sheets, 14 pillow cases, 2 feather pillows, 1 hop pillow, 14 pairs socks, 15 pairs mittens, 16 crash towels, 1 woolen shirt, lint, 13 sleeping caps, 3 pairs slippers, books, 1 pair mocassins, 20 roll bandages, pieces of cotton and linen.

From the benevolent circle of Union church,  35 pairs mittens, 10 pairs socks.

From the Ladies of the Catholic churches,  yarn.

From the Ladies of the Pleasant Street Baptist Church ,  2 pairs slipper, 1 pair mittens.

From the Ladies of the Salem street church,  16 pairs mittens.

From the Ladies of the First Baptist Society, 2 pairs socks, 2 pairs mittens, 5 handkerchiefs.

From the church of the Unity,  14 towels, 5 cotton shirts.

From Park Street church,  8 shirts, 5 pillow cases, 12 handkerchiefs, 1 sheet, linen and cotton pieces.

From the Ladies of Worcester,  30 pairs socks, 14 pairs mittens, 3 pair drawers, 22 shirts ( woolen and cotton ), 2 sheets, 4 pillows, 2 pillow cases,  bundles of cotton and linen bandages, 1 quilt, 3 pairs slippers, 3 pairs wristers, 1 Turkish bath towel, 6 dozen pin balls with pins. tracts, magazines, 1 tippet, yarn, 1 package corn starch, 4 packages farina, 4 packages broma,  4 lemons, 6 bottles current wine, 1 bottle current jelly, coffee, arrow-root,, cocoa.

Forwarded to Miss Dix, Washington , Feb. 6,  1 box containing 9 comforters, 9 pillows, 16 sheets,  24 pillow cases, 9 flannel shirts, 16 sheets, 24 pillow cases, 9 flannel shirts, 8 cotton flannel shirts, 5 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 6 cotton shirts, 11 hospital shirts, 24 pairs stockings, 12 pairs mittens, 3 dressing gowns, 12 pairs slippers, 2 pairs mocassins, 17 sleeping caps, 12 handkerchiefs, 6 old sheets, ring pads, lint, tallow, pincushions, bandages, pieces cotton and linen, books, 12 towels, 1 bath towel.

Forwarded to Miss Barton, Washington , Feb. 6,  1 box containing 3 quilts, 6 sheets, 8 pillow cases, 7 flannel shirts, 18 cotton shirts, 5 cotton flannel shirts, 9 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 4 pillows, 3 dressing gowns, 24 pairs socks, 5 pairs mocassins, , 5 pairs slippers, 48 pairs mittens, 12 handkerchiefs, 12 towels, 18 sleeping caps, pincushions, bandages, tallow, books.

Forwarded to St. Louis , Mo. Feb. 12,  2 boxes:  1 box contributed by Park Street Church Soldiers Relief Society; 1 box contributed by Ladies Army Aid Society, Old Boylston.

Given since Feb. 1. to recruits for fifteenth regiment,  45 pairs socks, 19 pairs mittens, 25 handkerchiefs, 33 towels.





15th Massachusetts VI