from The Worcester Daily Spy, May 7, 1861   , (Volume 16 # 107), 

Oxford The new volunteer company in Oxford organized, Saturday evening, with the following officers:

Captain Charles H. Watson.
1st Lieutenant, Nelson Bartholomew
2d Lieutenant, Henry W. Harrold.
3d Lieutenant, Joseph H. Wood.
4th Lieutenant, Bernard B. Vassal.

from The Worcester Daily Spy, June 3, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 130), 

Visit of the DeWitt Guards

The DeWitt Guards of Oxford, Captain Charles H. Watson, made a visit to our city on Saturday last, arriving by the first train and returning by the last accommodation train at half past four .  The company was named in compliment to Hon. Alexander DeWitt, its most generous patron since its organization.

Its lieutenants are Nelson Bartholomew, George B. Works and B. B. Vassal.  The guards are a fine looking body of picked men, having been for some three weeks under the instruction of Captain Watson, a thorough tactician, who has served in the regular army.  Their uniform, which is a neat and substantial one, was furnished by C. W. Freeland & Co., of Boston .

After marching through some of the principal streets, they were generously furnished with refreshments by Mr. E. T. Balcom, at the Lincoln House.  The officers and many of the privates, were guests of Capt. Foster of Co. D., at dinner, at the Lincoln

from The Worcester Daily Spy, June 6, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 133), 

Oxford . At a meeting of the DeWitt Guards, held at their armory in Oxford , on Monday May 27, 1861 , the following preamble and resolution were presented, and passed unanimously.

Whereas, At a town meeting held in Oxford on the 6th day of May 1861, a large sum of money was raised, and has been appropriated for the benefit of the DeWitt Guards, who have volunteered their services in the defense of the national honor, therefore

Resolved, That the thanks of this company are unanimously tendered to the citizens of the town of Oxford for the kindness and the liberality they have so generously conferred upon the DeWitt Guards.


15th Massachusetts VI