from The Worcester Daily Spy, November 20, 1861 , (Volume 16 # 274), 


We have already published the names of some of the members of the Massachusetts fifteenth regiment who were taken prisoner at Ball’s Bluff, including a complete list of those belonging to company D, sent by Capt. Studley.  Since those names were printed we have received a list of those of all companies, prepared by Lieut. Vassal of Company E.

He says “this list  does not include the wounded prisoners, from fifteen to twenty-five in number, who are now at Leesburg.”  This is dated  Nov.   It is possible that there may be others among the prisoners at Richmond whose names do not appear on Lieut. Vassal’s, which we print below, for omission might be occasioned by accident or otherwise.

He says in his note, “with two or three exceptions we are all enjoying good health.”  We print with the others the names of those belonging to company D, in order to have them all together, and because there has been a demand for the Daily Spy in which they appeared which we were unable to supply.  

Co. A. Leominster

Capt. George W. Rockwood.
Corporal John M. Robbins 
Corporal Charles A. Lamb

Curtis J. Morse
Andrew J. Rugg
Albert A. Patton
L. S. Hapgood
Sumner N. Frost
C. H. Wilder
George F. Newton
George Watson
Frank E. Hatch
Wm. B. Whitney
Jacob Rugg
Moses L. Nutting
Thomas B. Ross
Augustus Johnson
Foredyce May
Joseph Sullivan
George Woods
J. W. Kingsbury

Company B. Fitchburg
Capt. Clark S. Simmonds
Abel Bruce Jr
Henry F. Whittemore
Calvin J. Eaton
Wm. W. Holman
Henry J. Hosmer
Luman W. Stone
N. P. Howard
Charles A. Stevens
Winthrop Maynard
George S. Gilchrist
John H. Prichard
Grenville Hosmer
Joeseph L. Moody
Joel Pratt
 John F. Morse

Co. C. Clinton 
Capt. Henry Bowman
Sergeant Willis A. Cook
Sergeant Alden Fuller
Henry Putnam
D. O. Wallace
Samuel Hodgkins
J. A. Bonney
J. D. Brigham
J. Hamilton
C. A. Tenny
Henry Greenwood
F. Woodward
J. O. Howard
John Smith
Henry Edgerly
M. S. Beaman
George Sawyer
A. S. Jaquith
R. K. Cooper
Charles Hurlburt
James Cheney
Wm. H. Taylor


Co. Worcester
Capt. John M. Studley
Sergeant L. D. Goddard
Sergeant Thomas J. Hastings
Sergeant George G. Noyes
Corporal C. M. Smith
Corporal William H. Ford
Corporal C. W. Upham
Warren A. Alger
Charles H. Adams
C. H. Bemis
J. H. Divoll
James Daniels
J. H. Fuller
D. S. Jennison
Alfred F. Smith
James Taylor
W. H. Andrews
C. P. Bonzey
Henry Bemis
Henry Davison
Anthony Earle
Harlan Henry
Henry Houghton
James B. Thompson
Hermon Weixer
James E. White


Co. Oxford
Lieutenant B. B. Vassal
Corporal John B. Norcross
Wm. H. Amidon
Daniel Coon
William M. Davis
James Duffy
Lyman Phipps
Orlando McIntire
John Eckersley
Bernard Schmidt
Thomas Conroy
George P. Davis
Thomas F. Dockham
Joseph E. Fellows
Wm. H. Emerson
E. F. McKinstry
Vernon F. Ringe
T. J. Monihan
Patrick Pheigan

Co. Brookfield
Lieutenant J. Evarts Green
Corporal D. W. Knight
Corporal A. H. Foster
Corporal William H. Adams
C. M. DeLand
William H.  Brewer
John R Nichols
J. H. Belcher
S. H. Bannister
Ralph Preston
E. A. Rice
John H. Prior
David Reekie
L. H. Blackmer
Charles H. Bartlett
John Howard
William A. Belcher
William H. Nichols
Artemas D. Ward
Elbridge Doanne
Henry Slayton
George C. Mann
Henry Viberis
William H. Ormsby
H. C. Albee

Co. Grafton
Sergeant Jonathan P. Stone
Corporal Chas. A. Wingate
Corporal Charles Davis
Corporal George Davis
Joseph Bonner
John Howith
Henry O. Adams
William T. Moore
Charles L. Caswell
Reubin A. Ellis
Samuel C. Osland
Cromwell L. Hill
Alton W. Fairbanks
Leroy D. Ball
Calvin D. Rockwood
Michael Dugan
Elisha S. Livermore
Samuel A. McCurdy


Co. H. Northbridge
J. S. Williams
T. Clancy
B. F. Underhurst
E. G. Hewett
J. Hurst


Co. I. Webster
First Sergent Benjamin F. Taft
Sergeant George W. Lewis
Sergeant W. W. Bosworth
Riley Thayer
John Maley
E. L. Parmenter
Henry Rusack
William H. Palmer
Henry Butler
Henry Groh
Hiram T. Raymond
William T. Converse
Henry H. Clapp
Thomas O’Connor
Hiram Ward
George Hatfield
John Hollin
L. H. Cummings
L. W. Negas
Patrick O’Healy
Joseph Sandback
James Stevens
Thomas Cassidy
Rufus Corbin
Philitus Ballou
Andrew J. Laverty
John Kelly
George Walker


Co. K. Blackstone
Lieutenant I. H. Hooper
Sergeant William H. Freeman
Corporal Charles Gamage
Corporal John B. Burns
Corporal William H. Burnham
Edwin Olney
Patrick Coyle
Richard Huron
Adam Peacock
Henry Ford
A. F. Simonds
Edward W. Bryant
Patrick McGahey
David Farrer
Martin McBride
Michael McKensey

15th Massachusetts VI