from The Worcester Spy, November 20, 1861 , (Volume 90 # 46), 
Aid To The 15th Regiment From Grafton

On the evening of the day when Col. Devens letter appeared in the Spy, setting forth the wants of he fifteenth regiment, of extra blankets and mittens, the selectmen of Grafton met with a committee chosen by the town, at a legal town meeting, held on the 29th of April last, to take the general oversight of military matters in the town, and into whose hands the town had four thousand dollars for the purpose of defraying the expense of getting up and fitting out a military company.

The object of the meeting was to consider the wants of Company G, and take such measures as might be thought advisable for supplying them. There was but one mind expressed in the board of selectmen or committee, and that was immediate action. Accordingly it was determined that one hundred blankets and one hundred pair of mittens should be purchased for use of said company, and one member of the board of selectmen and one member of the committee, were delegated to make the purchase.

The next day the one hundred blankets and one hundred pair of mittens were purchased, and forwarded, to the company, to the care of Rev. Mr. Scandlin, chaplain of the regiment. A letter from him received here by a friend acknowledges the receipt of them, and also states they were the first articles of the kind received from any town in the regiment. He also states that the soldiers on picket duty now, are not allowed any fire of tents and extra blankets and mittens are indispensable.

The blankets purchased for Company G were 85 by 65 inches and weighed five pounds each. If we expect our soldiers to serve as faithfully, as the fifteenth regiment did at Ballís Bluff, let us see to it that their wants are supplied promptly by friends at home, is the feeling and sentiment of GRAFTON.



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