from The Worcester Spy, November 20, 1861 , (Volume 90 # 46), 
Report of the Soldiers Relief Committee of Worcester

The Worcester Soldiers Relief Committee have received, since Oct. 23d, the following boxes, packages, and articles, vis.—

From ladies in Auburn. One box for army hospitals in Missouri. From the Ladies Patriotic society of West Boylston, seven barrels, hospital supplies. From Clappville, one box hospital supplies for Washington. From the ladies of East Douglas, one box hospital supplies. From the ladies of Dudley, two boxes supplies. From Lunenburg, one box socks for Missouri. From Leicester, contributions of quilts, sheets , pillow cases, shirts, flannel drawers and shirts, pieces of linen and cotton, chocolate and broma. From ladies of the Baptist Society, Millbury, for the twentieth regiment, one box containing quilts, comforters, sheets (old and new), pillow ticks and pillow cases, shirts, handkerchiefs, towels , stockings , slippers, cloth, bandages, and lint also pins, needles, thread, stationary, newspapers and tracts. From ladies of Oxford, socks, blankets, bed gown flannel (old pieces), and bundles.

From ladies in Tatnuck (Worcester), towels and socks. A lady in Sutton, lint and bandages. From a school in New Worcester, eye shades and towels. From sewing society, New Worcester, quilts, pillow cases, and shawl. From ladies in Worcester, bed bolster, pillows and cushion ticks, quilts, comforters, blankets, sheets (new and old), pillow cases and pillows (hair and feather), flannel aprons, shirts, towels stockings and mittens, packages of old flannel, cotton, linen, lint, mutton tallow; and sermons and tracts. From the Society of the Church of the Unity, colored handkerchiefs, flannel gowns and aprons, shirts cotton and woolen, comforters, towels and stockings. From the Universalist Society, quilts, comforters, sheets, pillows, new and old, shirts, both cotton and flannel; stockings; old pieces of flannel, cotton, linen, and bandages; also pillow chair cushions, jellies and currant wine.

From a lady at All Saints Church, blankets and socks. From the third Baptist Society, shirts, drawers, blankets, stockings and old pieces. From The Oread, mittens. From ladies of First Baptist Society, bed quilts, sheets, pillow cases, shirts, cotton and flannel, drawers, stockings, slippers packages of old cotton cut, and compresses. From Young Ladies Benevolent Society of Central Church, flannel aprons and undershirts. From young ladies of First Baptist Society, pillow ticks. Bags from various schools, pubic and private. Yarn, for mittens from the clerks of Worcester, sufficient to supply Col. Devens entire regiment.

Since Oct. 17, the committee have forwarded the following in boxes and barrels, vis.:---

To the Twenty- fifth regiment while in camp at Worcester, two boxes, containing the following articles:---From the ladies if the Salem Street Society, 17 bed gowns cotton, 17 pair cotton drawers, 8 pair woolen drawers, 17 pair of socks, 20 dressing gowns, 1 bed quilt, 1 blanket, 20 sheets, 18 pillow cases, 24 linen handkerchiefs, 29 linen towels, 30 crash towels, old flannel, linen, cotton, lint, and bandages. From the ladies of the Central Society, 6 bed quilts, 11 dressing gowns, 13 pocket handkerchiefs, 25 pair socks, 1 bed tick, 7 sheets, 4 old sheets, 4 shirts, bandages, 25 flannel aprons. From the Soldiers Relief Committee, 8 blankets, 4 flannel shirts, 6 pairs of drawers, 40 eyeshades, 9 pairs pillow cases, 73 flannel aprons, 12 flannel bands, 20 pairs stockings, 12 old napkins,, 8 old shirts, 18 pocket handkerchiefs, old flannel, cotton, and bandages, 4 jars jelly, 134 crash towels, and a box containing sewing materials.

Forwarded to Miss Dix, Sanitary Commission Washington, one box from Rutland, containing 27 new cotton shirts, 3 old shirts,, 26 pair drawers, 24 old sheets, 5 pair old pillow cases, 1 arm cushion, 3 woolen blankets, bandages and cloth. One box from Hubbardston containing 19 pairs thick hose, 18 pairs hose, 1 pair pillows, 50 pin cushions, bandages, 6 pair pillow cases, I set sheets, 3 towels, 17 pair drawers, 2 bed quilts, I blanket. One box from the Soldiers Relief Committee, containing 8 blankets, 4 quilts, 12 pair sheets, 18 pair pillows cases, 6 pr pillow pillow ticks, 5 dressing gowns,, 8 bleached bed sheets 8 un bleached bedsheets, 9 pr work shirts,, 4 old shirts,, 7 pair cotton drawers, 2 doz. flannel aprons, 2 pairs pillows, old handkerchief, old linen bandages, lint mutton tallow, Castile soap soap, and oat meal.

Forwarded to Missouri, six boxes, and five barrels: Box #1, from Lunenburg, 84 pairs worl socks. Box # 2 From Soldiers relief committee, 1 quilt, 1 comforter, 2 blankets, 50 pairs socks, 1 hair pillow, 2 feather pillows, 12 shirts, 8 prs old white flannel shirts, 2 dressing gown, I old blanket, 12 sheets new and old, 6 cotton bed sheets, 4 boxes lint, coffee tea cake, chocolate, honey, 3 packages broma, 2 bottles currant jelly, 2 bottles currant wine. Box No 3, From Soldiers Relief Committee, I wool shawl, 29 good sheets,11 old sheets, 2 ticks, 17 calico pillow ticks, 16 good pillow cases, 21 unbleached pillow ticks, 16 good pillow cases, 21 unbleached pillow ticks, 59 pairs stockings,11 colored flannel shirts,1 white flannel shirt, 7 old cotton sheets,1 new sheet,2 pair woolen drawers, bundle f old pieces, bundle of old napkins, pieces of old linen, 4 fine towels, bandages, lint and tallow. Box No. 4—From Dudley, 10 quilts,11 woolen blankets, 7 towels, 2 boxes bandages, 13 pair socks, ols pieces. Box No. 5, From Dudley, 28 small pillows of husks and cotton, 11 feather pillows, 8 cotton sheets, 150 bandages, 19 pillow case, 1 flannel blanket, 2 pair flannel drawers, 6 pair stockings, 5 towel quilts. Box No. 6, from Auburn, 18 hospital shirts, 18 pair drawers, 2 flannel shirts, 6 comforters, 2 bed ticks., 3 old woolen blankets, 20 pairs socks, 21pillow slips, 4 towels, 1 handkerchief, 9 linen and cotton sheets, old bandages and raisins. Box No1 from West Boylston, Bandages, Box No 2, 62 sheets, No.3, 9 pairs socks, 2 pairs drawers, 2 handkerchiefs, pin cushions and pins, bag of thread, miions comforters and quilts. No. 4, 9 blankets, 5 pillows, 9 bottles wine, 2 cans guava jelly. No. 7, comforter and quilt, 31 sewing kits, 31 ld pairs drawers, 2 dressing gowns, 1 barrel forwarded to Dr. Calvin Cutter, Surgeon of the twentieth regiment at Annapolis Md. by the Worcester Committee. One box from the Soldiers Relief Committee, containing 14 comforters, 14 blankets, I woolen shawl. One box from East Douglas, containing 18 pair socks, 7 bed quilts, 5 blankets, 2 dressing gowns, 17 comforters,, 15 pair sheets, 10 pillow cases, 2 pillows, 1 cushion, 2 dozen hospital napkins, 20 hospital sheets, 12 pocket handkerchiefs, 35 rolls bandages, 1 box pins, tape&ect., 1 box lint, magazines, pictorials, pamphlets, hospital cloths, and checker boards. Two barrels from West Boylston containing 42 sheets, 38 pairs pillow cases, 25 towels and comforters, 3 bed quilts, 1 blanket.

Those who have sent supplies to the committee, to be forwarded, may be glad to learn that they have been sent to those places only where the committee have been called upon to send them, and where they were known to be needed, unless directed by the donor to some particular person or place. While we hear of some of our regiments being abundantly supplied, there are others known to be not even comfortably supplied,, both on the Potomac and in Missouri, especially in the latter place.

In a recent letter from the Western Sanitary Commission, he says the sick are being into the city( St. Louis). daily by the hundreds. the five military hospitals are now in full use, and more are being made ready; that while the government furnishes blankets sheets and pillow cases, all other things are necessary, and most acceptable to the poor soldiers who suffer so much. it is the intention of the committee to be sure they send no supplies where none are needed; but while so mush is needed, and while they are called upon, as they now are, no lady can feel that the time has come to rest from those labors, or grow weary in furnishing those necessary comforts to the poor sick or wounded soldiers.

Mrs. S. P. Miller,

Secretary of Committee.


15th Massachusetts VI