from The Webster Times, November 23, 1861 (Volume III # 36 ), 
Appeal to the People of Worcester

"The Fifteenth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Devens, requires thirty five men in each company, in all three hundred and fifty, to fill its present deficiency.  A few months ago the Regiment departed from the county of Worcester with full ranks.  But casualties of the memorable engagement at Balls Bluff have reduced its numbers.  These might be readily supplied from the recruiting officers in the large cities; but the officers justly desire to be reinforced by enlistments equal in character to those present soldiers, by those upon whom they can rely for good conduct in the camp as well as discipline and bravery in the field, by men from the same county to which belongs, in a peculiar sense, a large measure of the renown of the recent battle of the Potomac.

The regiment appeals to the county of Worcester, by the historic sanction of its namesake, the Massachusetts Fifteenth of the Continental line, whose valor it has reproduced, whose glory it has emulated, whose name it has honored. Its claim for its support is sustained by the testimony of the living and the dead.  The regiment publicly thanked on the field of battle by the gallant lamented Baker.It was placed first in the list of regiments commended in a general order by Major General McClellan, for courage, discipline, and valor. Its officers and privates have alike distinguished themselves as brave men and disciplined soldiers.  No corps in the present service, from this or any other State, occupies a higher place in the confidence of the Government, or in the affection of the country.

The Fifteenth is a regiment of our own bone and sinew; it went forth endeared to us by the relations of local citizenship, and by the ties of kindred; and to us here at home it has already transmitted, for our pride and future annals its clearly earned honors.  And it asks from us but little in return. Theses men desire not to be discharged from the field. Though their column has been shattered in the conflict, with unabated devotion they remain at the post of duty and light their camp fires on the soil that has been moistened by the blood of their comrades, the Massachusetts Fifteenth send to us a cry for men; for men to take the place of those who are in the captivity of war, or who are disabled by wounds, or who have passed to the sleep of the brave. 

Men of Worcester county! Shall not this appeal meet with a prompt and effective response? The ranks of the regiment must be filled and its unity maintained from the County to which it belongs. There are men from Worcester County , who having been captured by an overpowering foe and an impassable river, are now in the prison houses of Richmond And shall not Worcester County men supply their places and do battle for them and their country?  It is from our own community that those went forth who are suffering from wounds in the hospital, their spirits unconquered, anxious to welcome new soldiers to avenge their calamities. Our own dead, wherever they lie, call with voiceless pathos and solemnity for others to take up the cause in which they died, and to continue their testimony in arms for the defence of the public liberties. 

No time is to be lost! Our cause is grand and just. Great achievements are already clustering around it, and still greater we trust are in store for it. The demonstrative power and majesty (of) American Liberty is beginning to be developed, and fortunate will they be who shall bear a part in its career. An opportunity for acting such a part is now presented, in which he who enlists may pass at once to the ranks of those, who having shown the power to win honor, will gladly share it with every new comer in their camp.

In behalf of our distracted country, in the name of our gallant men already in the field, in the presence of the auspicious success of our arms, of the restoration of our flag wherever it has been dishonored, and of the reestablishment of the liberty for which soldiers of Worcester county fought through all the period of the revolution, speedy and ample enlistments for making good the numbers of the Fifteenth regiment, are imperatively inquired."


15th Massachusetts VI