from The Worcester Daily Spy, June 5, 1886 , (Volume 41 # 123), 


 The SPY special from the fifteenth regiment excursion party, which was at Washington last night says: The reception at Hagerstown this evening was enthusiastic.  The party was met by the mayor, a delegation of citizens and the Hagerstown Light Infantry, with drum corps, and escorted to the hotel, where friendly greetings were exchanged.  At the end of the march Col. Joslyn informally acknowledged the compliment to the veterans.

 The party breakfasted at an early hour Friday and took the train for Antietam . Arriving, they proceeded to Burnsideís Bridge, where 1300 Federals were killed and wounded, next to the National cemetery, containing forty known and unknown graves of members of the fifteenth, next to Dunkerís Church and Bloody Lane .

 Near the former the regiment had its position, and in one half an hour lost six officers and  sixty-five privates killed and wounded.  Other points where they were located were visited, and after lunch at the grove the party went to Keedysville and took the train to Washington , arriving at six and proceeded at once to the Ebbitt House, thoroughly tired but in good spirits.  A large company stopped over to later trains to visit Harpers Ferry , and were well repaid for their trip.  Each days journeying has been successfully made with great credit to the committee and to the satisfaction of all in the company.



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