Report on the movements of
The 15th Mass. at Morton's Ford on the Rapidan:
February 7, 1864

Excerpted from "The War of Rebellion", the official Army records of the American Civil War.

SIR: I herewith send you a report of the movements of this regiment for the last two days:

We left camp February 6, at 7 a.m., with field and staff of captain, adjutant, surgeon, and assistant surgeon, and 128 enlisted men with rifles, and 6 musicians, and joined the brigade at brigade headquarters. Our place in the brigade was second regiment. We reached the Rapidan about 11, and formed line of battle and stacked arms, with the Eighty-second New York on our right and the Nineteenth Maine on our left.

About noon we marched toward the enemy in line by echelon, and halted quite near the river, and we, with the brigade, marched by the flank and crossed the river and formed line of battle immediately. I sent out one company as skirmishers to cover the front of the regiment. About 10 p.m., whole command, in connection with the remainder of the brigade, was sent to the front to relieve the line of skirmishers formed by the Third Division. The center of my command was in the rear and close to the house and outbuildings, a short distance to the right of the house occupied as General Hays' headquarters. These outbuildings were occupied by the enemy, as we found by receiving occasional shots from them. About 12 p.m., the larger part of the skirmishers were withdrawn and recrossed the river.

My whole command, except one company, was now on this side of the river, and we occupied the position held at sundown. About 2 a.m. the company left on the other side of the river was withdrawn and rejoined the regiment. We remained on the ground the remainder of the night and during the day of February 7. At dark we started on the march to camp, which we reached about 9 p.m. My whole command returned with me, not a man being wounded.

My whole command, with the exception of two men who did not cross the river with us, did all that could be expected of officers or men. The men are all in good condition and spirits.

I remain, with respect, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Regiment.

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