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4/15/19 Patriots Day Parade Concord, MA
4/27/19 NEB Drill Day Look Park
5/5/19 Expo & Swap Meet Rockland GAR Hall, Rockland, MA
5/18-5/19/19 154th New Market New Market, VA
5/24 & 5/27/19 Memorial Day Events & Parade Leominster, MA
5/31-6/2/19 Camp Geiger Whitehall, PA
6/22-23/19 Eastleigh Farm Framingham, MA
6/29/19 4th of July Parade Braintree, MA
7/4/19 July 4th Parade Fitchburg, MA
7/5-7/7/19 156th Gettysburg Gettysburg, PA
7/20-7/21/19 Genesee Village Mumford, NY
7/27-7/28/19 Gettysburg Live Gettysburg, PA
8/17-8/18/19 Hillsborough Timeline Hillsborough, NH
8/24-8/25/19 Fort Adams Newport, RI
8/31-9/1/19 Museaum Village Monroe, NY
9/6-9/8/19 Civil War Weekend Webster, MA
9/27-9/29/19 Petersburg Seige Fabyan, CT
10/11-10/13/19 Civil War Weekend Westminster, MA
10/18-10/20/19 155th Cedar Creek Middleton, VA
10/19/19 Ball's Bluff Annual Dinner Black Tavern, Dudley, MA
11/11/19 Veteran's Day Ceremonies Leominster, MA
11/23/19 155th Remembrance Day Gettysburg, PA
11/23/19 Thanksgiving Parade Plymouth, MA



15th Massachusetts Reenactment Troop

The 15th MVI Reenactment Troop at Gettysburg 1998.

Bob  tells the following about the activities of the 15th MVI reenactment group:

For living history purposes we all portray soldiers from different companies --usually someone from their own home town. In re-enactments we portray one company agreed upon beforehand.

During living history, we set up a camp and display what artifacts, both reproduction and authentic, that we have.  This tends to stimulate questions and encourage discussion with the public. We do this on a town common or park in conjunction with some local event.

For re-enactments we travel to a site, mostly in the north-east.  When we arrive on Friday evening, we set up camp and drop out of the 20th century until Sunday afternoon. During that time we sleep in dog tents, cook over an open fire, conduct company and battalion drill, go out on skirmishes, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon we take part in a full scale battle -- many times not only with infantry, but including cavalry and artillery as well.

For myself, the first two years of re-enacting I enjoyed the full scale re-enactments best because of what I learned, but I now prefer doing living history more because it allows me to share what I have learned with the public.

(Bob notes: "We also do a Confederate impression of the 4th Alabama at some events, although some of us, myself included, would never think of galvanizing )

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